We have stringent policies in place to help ensure that our employees, members, and guests are safe from COVID-19. This SOP should be read in conjunction with the ‘COVID-19 SAFETY RISK ASSESSMENT’. During this time, we have changed our procedures within the dining areas:

⦁ EMPLOYEES – All employees are screened on a daily basis – checks made relating to temperature using an infra-red surface thermometer – questioned regarding their own symptoms and their household

⦁ SHIFT PATTERNS – Kitchen staff will be expected to work in teams and stagger arrivals to help minimise the transfer of the virus between others, this will also aid any track and trace process, if required.

⦁ FOOD SAFETY MANAGEMENT – We must continue to adopt excellent food safety management practices within the kitchen areas, as well as embracing the new procedures to meet the requirements to minimise the risk of COVID-19 transfer.

We must continue to manage our HACCP food safety systems.

⦁ ENTRANCE / EXIT ROUTES – We will be managing the entrance / exit point to ensure that we maintain social distancing between diners and employees. Please follow the signs where to safely queue prior to entering the premises.

⦁ RESERVATIONS – Ideally each customer visit will be as part of a prior reservation, in accordance with the government guidelines. We must remind the person booking the table of the requirements within the government guidance.

Government Guidance: Indoor gatherings should only be occurring in groups of up to 2 households.

We must also obtain contact details of the booker and encourage all members of the party to download the ‘track and trace’ app.

We will emphasise during the booking that if any member of the party is displaying symptoms then we reserve the right not to allow them to enter the property.

The party will be reminded that they should not attend the restaurant before their allotted time. If they are early or late then they must call the restaurant and not attend the property, in order to avoid any queues.

⦁ RESTAURANT / HOST RECEPTION – There will be clear signage asking the diners to wait to be seated, as well as a markings on the floor.

⦁ MENU’S – Menus will be displayed on a chalk / notice board. We will not be providing menu’s that will be used by more than one set of diners.

⦁ CUSTOMER DINING – Customers will be encouraged to use the hand sanitiser upon arrival. If customers arrive earlier than their booking, then they may be asked to wait outside if we are unable to provide a safe space for them to wait. Umbrellas will be available if necessary.

⦁ VENTILATION – We will look at whether natural ventilation can be provided within the dining areas. Where this is not feasible then we will ensure that the recently service air-conditioning is utilised.

Air movement will help to reduce the risk of transfer.

⦁ TABLE CONFIGURATIONS – We are able to be fairly flexible dependent upon whether the diners are part of a household. Ideally these matters will be discussed as part of a prior reservation.

Our tables will be positioned to allow for safe social distancing.

⦁ WAITING TABLES – Every approach to the table, i.e. taking orders, delivering drinks, food, etc, will require the employee to wear a face covering, i.e. mask / visor. This is because we cannot maintain acceptable social distancing during this activity.

We will not be refilling wine or water glasses, and we will ask guests to leave all items on the table for us to collect.

⦁ PAYMENT – We will try and avoid split payments wherever possible. Card machines will be placed on the table and not handed to the guest, and they will be disinfected after each use.

⦁ TURNING TABLES – Tables will be allocated a time for service and a time for cleaning, up to 150 minutes. This allows 2 hours for dining and up to 30 minutes for clearing and disinfection.

⦁ CONDIMENTS – Single use condiments will be introduced where practical to do so, if this is not possible then the containers will be disinfected and sanitised after each service.

⦁ TABLE COVERINGS – Will not be providing any table coverings until after the COVID-19 pandemic has passed.

⦁ WORKSTATIONS – Food and Beverage employees will be provided with designated workstation areas to allow for social distancing to be maintained at all times. You will be expected to plan and ensure that you have what you need to allow you to work effectively, and not have to make continuous movements around the kitchen and food storage areas.

⦁ CLEANLINESS – The dining areas must be disinfected and sanitised before use, this will include all floors, walls, work surfaces, with additional emphasis on contact points, i.e. door / drawer handles, utensils, door contact points, switches, taps, telephones, furniture, crockery, etc.

Cleaning schedules have been reviewed and we have increased the frequency levels of general cleaning throughout the day.

We will be removing crockery and glassware that is openly stored within the dining room areas due to the potential for any cross-contamination.

⦁ WASTE – lidded pedal bins provided, bin bags will be tied and placed within the designated bin areas. Disposable gloves to be worn when carrying out this activity. Remove and discard the gloves once completed.

⦁ STAFF CHANGING – All employees will be required to change into cleanly laundered uniforms every day. You will not be permitted to wear outer clothing within the kitchen areas. All outer clothing to be placed within the staff area.

⦁ HAND HYGIENE – We must continue to maintain effective hand hygiene throughout the day. Employees are expected to wash and / or sanitise their hands as often as necessary:

⦁ Upon entering the building
⦁ Before starting work
⦁ After using the toilet
⦁ After handling waste / bin bags
⦁ After blowing your nose, sneezing, coughing, touching face
⦁ After eating, drinking or smoking
⦁ After handling money
⦁ After carrying out cleaning activities
⦁ After handling raw meats
⦁ After food collections
⦁ After your shift

Hand sanitisers continuing 60%+ alcohol have been provided throughout the dining area and they must be visibly used throughout the day.

⦁ FACE COVERINGS – Employees will be expected to wear face coverings, i.e. masks or visors, where social distancing cannot be maintained. Waiting staff will be required to wear a face covering when delivering food and drinks to the customer tables.

⦁ USE OF GLOVES – The use of disposable gloves can encourage a false assumption by the wearer that they are personally protected, which will not necessarily be the case; e.g. still touching the face, can still spread microbes around if gloves are contaminated; etc.

If gloves are to be worn, then they must be changed regularly and hands must be sanitised frequently.

⦁ CONFINED SPACES – Only one member of the bar team will be permitted to enter any confined spaces, i.e. walk-in fridges or freezers, dry stores, bin areas, cellars, etc. Communicate with each other to avoid coming into close contact with each other.

⦁ POT WASH / GLASS WASH – Prior to opening ensure that all dishwashers and glass washers are working correctly, and that they have been disinfected. Temperatures must reach optimum levels, meaning in excess of 80°C.

⦁ AT THE PASS – Kitchen staff to place food on the pass, waiting staff must stand back and collect only when the pass is clear.

No food and beverage staff are permitted beyond the pass.

⦁ KITCHEN AREAS – There is no reason for Food & Beverage staff to enter the kitchen areas apart Pot Wash area. This is essential to manage the transfer of the virus throughout the building.

⦁ HIGH CHAIRS – Must be inspected and disinfected each service and after each use. This is in addition to the normal daily checks that must be carried out.

⦁ FOOD COLLECTIONS – Drivers / riders should not be permitted to enter the property. Food bags to be placed upon the transfer table, do not pass directly to the collector. Sanitise hands after this process.

⦁ TOILETS – These will remain in service, please adhere to social distancing whenever possible. To dry hands please use single use paper napkins.
These areas will be inspected and disinfected throughout the day.